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Hollins Financial Group, LLC

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"Our goal is to educate people, help them to become better managers of their finances, help them avoid common mistakes, and provide them options for securing their financial future".

Living Trust

Leave a legacy by protecting your business & family’s financial assets.

Learn more by listening to a short, toll-free Living Trust Introduction (866) 927-8552 x 1 (also in Spanish x 2)

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W-2 Employees withholding

Our strategy is to educate all W-2 Employees on how to submit the correct tax withholding. Why? Because 80% of all Employees have too much money withheld from their paychecks for taxes. 

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Tax Savings, Home-Based Business Book

We educate Individuals with effective Financial Strategies to run a home-based business. To order your guide book to home-based business tax saving made simple.

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Mileage and Expense Tracking App 

Your business mileage could be one of your biggest deductions. As a Financial and Entrepreneurial Education Company, we have solutions and resources for business setup.

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Home-Based Tax Planning 

Kidd Consulting Services is your best solution for planning or filing your home-based business taxes. Kidd Services can assist you with maximizing those tax savings. 

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Our program will help you Save Money, Cut Taxes, and Eliminate Debt so that you and your family can take advantage of your Number One Asset — TIME.

Be sure to contact our office for more information 713.660.8687 or   855.871.8687

"A good education determines where you live, and where you live, determines what school your children will attend; and what school your children attend determines where they work, where they live: and where their children will go to school and so on. All of this determines where they spend money and what they do with their money." - By George C. Fraser, Chairman & Ceo of FraserNet , Inc. 




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Students graduate from schools throughout our community without financial skills. Millions of educated individuals pursue their profession successfully, yet later find themselves with financial burdens. The missing element is not how to get a job and make money, rather how to keep and manage their money, i.e. what to do after having made it!
Services We Offer

Estate Planning

The importance of investing in your future security

by protecting your business and family assets.  

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